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Geo maj minhan and gen ikram


میجر مہناس عالم شہید کی نماز جنازہ

Gilgit (Geo pak News) From 1992 when I was first posted to Northern Areas till yesterday, Janazas, burials and Northern Areas have become part of my life. I don’t know how many Janazas .

I attended there but with retirement I thought this chapter is closed. I never knew my ordeal will continue and my ADC Maj Minhas Alam who coordinated everything for me in last two years will once again take me there. Minhas a very promising, ever smiling and decent young officer accompanied me to Pindi on my retirement, I never knew how but whatsoever was told to him was always managed to perfection. He was like a son to me and his untimely death was a shock . I accompanied him to Gilgit. This time it was my turn to coordinate his final journey. I tried to plan as he used to plan for me but once it came to lowering him in grave, I realised how difficult it is to burry your son. Thereafter went to see his family. Hats off to his father who was in total control of himself and was thanking Allah for the honour of taking his son while in service. His mother took my hands and started kissing them and continuously thanked me for the honour my presence brought to the family. I felt so small, even the three star rank appeared worthless in front of crying lady who in that condition still was thankful of my presence. Her attitude reminded me of so many ladies whom I visited with bodies of their sons after Gyari. These mothers of our beloved country are the actual stalwarts, our strength. I couldn’t save Minhas but tried that he reaches home timely and gets a decent burial. Thanks to my old staff of 30 Corps, 1 AK and FCNA that every detail was tied up to minutest level and it was a memorable send off. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and grant sabr to his family…!


From: Lt Gen (rtd) Ikram Ul Haq